Industrial/Commercial Grade Displays VS Normal TV and Monitors

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Industrial/Commercial Grade Displays VS Normal TV and Monitors
Digital Signage Displays are manufactured for advertisement application and our industrial application Displays
are designed and built to the highest commercial / industrial grade standards. The differences between our
Commercial/Industrial grade displays and residential TV and Monitors.
-Commercial Grade Digital Signage Displays are designed to run 24/7days whereas a TV, normal Monitor
are designed to run 5-9 hours a day. To achieve 24/7 reliability Commercial/Industrial Grade Displays are
built with industrial grade TFT-LCD Panels (DID Panels), power supplies, advanced cooling features, Industrial
PC and more robust back lights (LED) for warranty of long terms life time.
-Commercial/Industrial Displays have the correct required inputs and outputs, including RS232 (remote control
by PC), Multiple Full HD Input, HDMI/DVI, Audio line in/out, Network Capabilities
-Commercial/Industrial Grade Displays are built using metal internal fixing (not a Plastic Case/Back Cover),
 metal powder coated and anti-reflection Glass/Perspex protective faces.
-Perhaps, if you install a residential TV or Monitor into Commercial/Industrial application, the manufacturers
will instantly void all warranties.
-Commercial/Industrial Grade displays will outlast any residential TV/Monitors(actual operating hours)
-Residential TV shall not run reliably in portrait mode, due to being designed solely for landscape use.
There is no available ventilation or air circulation once turned to portrait mode. Your residential TV will run
hot and eventually fall. All of Commercial/Industrial Grade Displays are designed to run portrait, landscape
and face up operation.
-Normal TVs are programmed to display accurate skin/flesh colors, meaning pure whites will look slightly pink.
Commercial Grade Displays are programmed to display the correct RGB and CYMK color pallet.
-Commercial/Industrial Grade Displays have built in Sensors, such as temperature Monitoring, Content detection,
embedded PC, Web Camera, Automatic Brightness Dimming Controls during night hours.

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