Micro Display Inc.’s LCD video wall display system is the most popular choice among our customers. You can create any matrix
depending on your requirements from 46- to 55-in (super narrow bezel, 2.9 mm; bezel, 3.5 mm) industrial application DID panels.
Combined with our RS232 PC control software, you will be amazed by the quality and efficiency of use.
All video wall display units have the capability to produce and control multiple contact channels.
You can also display live TV programs, live camera feeds, show text information feeds from the Internet, etc. The RSS subscriber features enable you to automatically contact and display text information feeds from the Internet.

Key Features

* Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
* Up to 15 ´ 15 unit panel matrix
* Thinnest LCD bezel and seamless design available
* HDMI, VGA, DVI, Ypbr, AV input/output
* Line-level audio in/out
* RS232 PC control software
* Supports landscape and portrait designs

Major Applications

Exhibition halls, shopping malls, hotels, airports, railroad station, schools, government halls, museums, sport centers, bus terminals, etc.


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