Micro Display Inc. developed new technologies of real transparency displays and introduced 22-/46-in full-color transparency displays.
Our transparent LCD glass supports high-transparency rate, which enables viewing right through the panel like glass and consumes 90% less electricity compared with conventional LCD panels that use a backlight unit.
Our transparency LCD displays utilize ambient light, such as sunlight, which consequently reduces the dependency on electricity for
generating power. Micro Display Inc. has several new patented articles for commercial-grade applications.

Key Features

* Full-color transparency display
* Contrast ratio of 500 with WSXGA 1,680 x 1,050 resolution (22 in)
* Embedded PC, IR touch screen solution, USB, RJ45 Wi-Fi (optional)
* Ambient light–powered LCD

Major Applications

Advertisements at shopping malls, retail / department sales stores, interior design and applications at hotels, restaurants, retail shops,
apartments, homes, etc.


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