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Major parts and components for display products

Micro Display Inc. is one of the major suppliers of various kinds of TFT–LCD panels from LG and Samsung. We are an official
distributor of LG Display’s various LCD/LED/Plasma panels and deal with surplus and excessive stocks of Samsung displays with
a special offer.
We will supply you with TFT–LCD panels and kit-based key parts and components for manufacturers at competitive prices and with efficient delivery.
Moreover, we supply difficult-to-find TFT–LCD panels, power boards, inverter boards, T-con boards, I/Cs, and T/Rs for the
worldwide after-sales service market of LCD/LED/Plasma TVs, monitors, laptops, PCs, and other display products of Samsung, LG, and other major brands.

  • Various TFT–LCD panels from LG and Samsung displays
  • Advertisement boards, inverter boards, power supply boards, T-con boards, LED backlight units, and other parts for LCD/LED/Plasma TVs and monitors.