To improve waste and recycling management in the scrapped electronic/electric products, micro displays, Korean Association of
Electronics Environment, and the Korean National Environment Corporation (KECO) have jointly launched the 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Refurbish) program about several years ago.

Our recycling plant and production activities have acquired the ISO 14000 recycling certification and advanced recycling
technology and process. We desire to protect our precious Earth and preserve an affluent environment for the next generations.
We have specialized processes and facilities for recycling scrapped electronic/electric products (LCD/CRT TVs, monitors,
refrigerators, cell phones, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, OA equipment, and other small home appliances)

  • Reuse/refurbished process: After perfoming 100% quality test, we sort them out by keeping only those that are still in good working condition. Then, we export them to overseas customers who can reuse or manufacture refurbished electronic products.
  • Recycling process: After the dismantling process of electronic/electric scrapped products, our factory is recycling plastics (resin), metals, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and other rare earth metals.

Major recycled products for sales
    * Used TFT–LCD panels: After 100% quality inspection of TFT–LCD panels, we pack only those that are in good condition
    in carton boxes and pallets.
  • Quality inspection: We do not include broken TFT–LCD panels and those with deep scratches on the LCD screens.
  • Major LCD panel sizes: 15”, 17”, 18.1”, 19”, 22”, 24”, 26”, and 32” LCD panels
    * Used CRTs from TVs and monitors: After 100% quality inspection of CRTs, we will supply it with palletized packaging
    and load it in 40-ft containers.
  • Quality inspection: We do not include broken CRTs, burnt CRT screens, and those with deep scratches.
  • Major CRTs from TVs: 14“and 20”/21” NFs; 21” PFs, 25”/29” NFs, and 29” PF CRTs.
  • Major CRTs from monitors: 14”, 15”, and 17” NFs; 17” PFs; 19” NFs; and 19” PF CRTs.
    * Reuses and refurbishes LCD monitors, CRT monitors/TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and home appliances
    (we supply them to our customers after 100% quality test, power-on test process, and some refurbishing processes).