Mission Statement

    We specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing professional, commercial, and industrial display products.
    We offer you innovative technology, world-class value, and reliability with our display products
    that come in various screen sizes—from 6.5 to 82 in.
  • We provide the best customer services as well as support and design high-quality and top-valued products to meet the needs
    of our customers.

  • We support our customers in terms of achieving their goals by providing them with technological advices and services.
    We establish long-term and mutual beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.

  • We continue our commitment to enhance the long-term value of Micro Display Inc. and share its success with our customers,
    partners and employees.

    Vision / Values
  • Total Advanced Display Solutions: Customized solutions for TFT–LCD, OLED, touch screens, 3-D displays, embedded PCs,
    and waterproof products with innovative technology.

  • We provide you with maximized convenience and sustainable growth with technology, quality, and cost-competitiveness.

  • We are a Global Hidden Champion in the field of professional/industrial/commercial display applications and businesses.