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Dear Customers,
Thank you for visiting Micro Display Inc.’s Web site.
Micro Display Inc., through our “Customer First” philosophy, is trying its best to become a world-class company.
We are a leading manufacturer of display products for professional/commercial/industrial applications. Micro Display Inc. is
competitive in terms of designing, developing, and manufacturing digital signage displays and industrial/professional application
displays, video wall display systems, and transparent displays in South Korea. We strive in acquiring a sustainable competitive advantage through future-oriented innovative R & D and new business developments. Our specialized engineering team is uniquely
skilled in terms of developing customized display products. They will offer you extensive expertise in consultation, design,
installation, custom development, and support to meet the requirements of our customers. In the meantime, we are one of the
major distributors of various kinds of electronic parts and components for LCD/LED/OLED display products, home appliance
products, cell phones, audio/surveillance systems, etc. We were established in the first recycling distribution system of surplus and excessive stock from major Korean electronic manufacturers about 13 years ago. We have been supplying a big volume of
surplus/excessive stocks and original spare parts for after-sales service markets to the worldwide market with our special offers and competitive prices. We do our utmost efforts to be trusted as long-term business partners by creating advanced technology,
manufacturing innovative products, and prioritizing our customers.
Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Kum-Tae Lee